Adroit is a small line off wearables hand-sewn using naturally dyed and hand-woven Ikat textiles in California using locally sourced textiles and fibers handcrafted in small batches, making one piece at a time.

The focus is to create ethical and sustainable products by using natural fibers and natural dyes. I believe in making garments that are timeless yet comfortable, something that you would reach for again and again, I incorporate basic geometric shapes and fluid abstract designs. I follow my intuition while creating and believe that each piece tells you a story


Art is healing!

Hi, I am a photographer, yogi, a mom, and a small business owner. I have a degree in fine arts and believe in sustainable living, I work in textile and fiber mediums, I believe that art of any form is a very powerful healing tool and when practiced helps us find ourselves, heal and evolve, which is why I love sharing my knowledge and helping others to create their own unique pieces of art.


You can never go wrong with art, in the end, everything one creates ( even with the imperfections) is beautiful and speaks for itself, the focus should be more on the experience of transfer of your energy from your hands to this beautiful piece that you make!     - Rajni Kavula